[PARPORT] Parport boot disk for Mandrake Linux 9.1 is here

From: Sanjeev (sunaditya1@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 02:36:31 EDT

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    Hi all..

    I just subscribed to this list.

    I've created a mandrake-linux 9.1 boot disk
    with the support of all of the 'external cd-r/rw'
    protocols the kernel supports.

    I have an OnSpec based adapter for an external ATAPI
    and using that i successfully installed mandrake
    linux 9.1 on my old laptop.

    In the boot disk, I included the modules for:
    aten, bpck, bpck6, comm, dstr, epat, epia, fit2,
    fit3, friq, frpw, kbic, ktti, on20, and on26.

    I dont know how many of those support 'pcd' driver.

    But in the installer I only gave access to those
    which can be mounted using a 'pcd'.

    Until, i have a site setup...
    could someone please point me to a location where I
    could upload the image for downloading purpose
    ( using/testing ) it!??



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