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Date: Sat Nov 15 2003 - 09:22:52 EST

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    Sorry for my confussion, is my poor english.

    >Did you mean to say, "serial port printer" or "parallel port printer"?

    Is parallel por printer.

    >I ask because 'parport', 'lp' and 'ppdev' are used for parallel port

    Certanly, I use a parallel printer.

    >How do you want to tell if it is on or off? Are you writing a program, are
    >you wanting to see a message at boot up or do want to hear the printer make

    I am wanting to see a message in my syslog, like USB modules. My knowledge
    of C are very poor for writed a program. If I can see a message in jy
    syslog, then I can redirect the status to file.

    >What serial port printer is this?

    Is not a serial printer, is a parallel printer.


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