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From: Andre Sodermans (
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 18:20:17 EST

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    I just subscribed to this list, so this post is
    related to the one sent by Cherry Cortes (Wed Oct 22
    2003 - 05:19:26 EDT).

    I have been doing some research and the most relevant
    information seems to be in this mailing list. The
    other day, I bought a pc-to-pc cable (advertised as
    laplink), but then after some webcrawling, I came to
    the conclusion that this kind of cable only works in
    nibble mode - too slow for my application.

    I looked into plip on linux, but again, typical
    transfer speed is not adequate for my purpose.

    I am interested in highspeed bi-directional transfer
    between a host and a peripheral (ECP mode), but in
    order to develop the code, I would like to do some
    experiments between two hosts.

    It looks like I would have to make my own cable, which
    is fine and I assume the pinout as described in the
    'parport read' thread is adequate.

    What is the typical transfer speed as described in the
    setup by Cherry Cortes?


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