[PARPORT] pcd trouble w/ Backpack and Toshiba

From: Dr. Dave Williams P.E. (drdcw@drdcw.net)
Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 06:34:37 EST

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    I'm struggling with a particularly obstinate system:

    1) Toshiba T2150 Satellite notebook (port at 0x378 is
    running in standard bi-directional mode since the only
    other choice is ECP).

    2) Backpack CD-ROM, model 164700 (quad speed), which works
    under Windoze 95 (the only other OS that'll run on this
    little beast due to CPU and memory - 28 MB - limitations).

    3) Debian 3.0r1, install CD ready to go (if I could read
    it) since network is not yet available to the machine.

    Attempting a fresh install from floppies, all goes well
    until I try to recognize the CD-ROM drive. I load modules
    until I have the following according to lsmod:


    and then pcd will not load on matter what I've tried.
    I've gone through all of the parameter possibilities I
    can think of, centered about the ones that seem most

            insmod pcd drive0=0x378,0,33

    (33 = last two digits of the drive's serial number)

    Every time, module installation fails and dmesg shows
    "adapter not found", "autoprobe failed", or "no CD-ROM
    drive found". Everything from no parameters, to specifying
    all 6 manually, to different unit numbers, to specifying
    no unit number, etc. all lead nowhere.

    Any assistance or suggestions would be gratefully
    appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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