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> From: "Jeremy Mann" <>
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> Subject: [PARPORT] Question
> Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 21:26:46 -0600

> Now that I have 1.40 of ppa, how in gods name do I use it to make a linux
> boot disk??????

What are you REALLY after?

a) A demo ZIP disk which you can plug into a friends machine and boot
   linux (from a DOS prompt)?
b) A boot disk for #### distribution to allow installation of Linux onto a
   ZIP disk.

I do have a solution for part a (this was not easy due to the semantics of
MSDOS, basically MSDOS thinks it has a ZIP disk with 95Mb of bad sectors
which is where the ext2fs partition lives :-).

As for part b you will need to find someone who has an operating Linux
system and twist their arm. Without knowing what distribution you are
using it is very difficult for me (or anyone else) to build you a

David Campbell.
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