[PARPORT] parallel port programming guide

Claude Lacoursiere (claude@iris.llogic.com)
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 14:31:35 -0500 (EST)

        I'm about to have special purpose data acquisition
hardware built and I intend to drive it with the parallel
port, since the EPP/ECP specs suggest that the bandwith
on the parallel port can go to about 1MBps. So far,
I've used an A/D card for which I wrote a very simple
device driver but it seemed simpler, more portable,
and much faster to use flash A/D converters on an
external bus controlled by the parallel port, which
is what I'll be designing over the next couple of weeks.

        From the lp(4) man page, it looks that I can only get
the full EPP/ECP capabilities by using the outb(2) function.
I've found the ieee-1284 documents that specify the parallel
port but I'd be interested in seeing commented examples.
I will look at the source code but I'd like pointers to
extra documentation if it exists, or people's input if
there is no such document yet. I'll write a HOWTO
if this is successful. Besides the simple questions
like "how do I read/write a byte of data on the port",
I have several questions concerning the timing of the parallel
port, what is the real throughput etc. I've already got
several web pointers but I'd like to hear from those that
worked directly on the parallel port device drivers to
see if there are real snags to look out for.

        Best regards,
        Claude Lacoursiere
        Lateral Logic Inc.

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