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> Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 14:57:15 -0200
> To: Jyan-Min Fang <>,
> From: Gilson Soares <>
> Subject: Re: [PARPORT] parallel port iomega zip question

> At 11:26 97/12/23 -0500, Jyan-Min Fang wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I like to thank everyone for the nice advise. Now my parallel zip drive
> >has ~200KB/s transfer rate. Thanks all. btw,
> >[...]
> Thanks to all ? I have the same problem but the list wasn't informed about
> the fix.
> In my opinion, lists are for problems discussions AND solutions discussions.
> Thanks to all who can send me the fix.

The fix was to change the BIOS settings of the mainboard to EPP.

*prepare flame thrower*

Now for the reasons why most of my responses do NOT end up on this mailing

a) The mail messages from the list have the reply-to field set to the
   sender. NOT to the mailing list (Grant - please leave it this way).

b) Not all messages I receive went to the mailing list in the first place.

c) The last time I did a massive series of postings to this list, there
   were a number of people trying to get off resulting in extra mail to
   the list. In a typical month I send out over 100 mail messages.

d) Prevent confusion, the bulk of the problems with the ZIP drive is being
   able to properly detect what sort of parallel port is present. (My .sig
   file expresses my annoyance on this factor). Hence the solution for one
   person could break another linux box.

Ideally (in my opinion) should be the following sequence.
a) Check the relevant web page for the device.
b) Post a mail message to the mailing list/device author
c) Mail thread between developer/end user until a result is achieved.
d) Developer updates web page with relevant information.

I will plead guilty on the last point, I am a hopeless web page creator
and documentation tends to be one of those things that gets left to the
end. If the above sequence was followed for all help requests then there
should be very little mail for me to answer *sigh*.

David Campbell
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