Re: [PARPORT] Web Pages?

Grant R. Guenther (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 08:55:26 -0500 (EST)

> I am wondering if there are web pages associated with
> parport development. So that I can look to see if
> the devices I want to use are supported without
> having to send broadcast mail to the world.

You wouldn't have to send broadcast mail to the world if you read
the information sheet that came when you joined this list :-)

On the other hand, I haven't taken the time lately to maintain the
pages, so they are a bit out of date ... What devices are you
interested in ?

Here's the info-sheet again, note the last lines.

> The 'linux-parport' mailing list is for discussions related to the design,
> implementation and use of Linux drivers for devices connected through
> the parallel port. This includes the parallel port versions of the
> Iomega ZIP drive and the SyQuest EZ135 as well as the BackPack CDrom,
> pocket ethernet adapters and the Connectix Quickcam. Discussions may
> also include PLIP (parallel port IP), the enhanced parallel ports (ECP/EPP),
> and, of course, printers. Related development and debugging tools are
> acceptable topics, too.
> This is a majordomo list, postings for the list should be addressed to
> and administrative requests should be sent to
> >
> The list owner is Grant Guenther, > The list owner is Grant Guenther,
> Please visit the Linux Parallel Port Home Page at
Grant R. Guenther

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