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Jay Jacobson (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 22:44:38 -0700 (MST)

Ahh...the one aspect I forgot...compatibility. :) Then I see your point.
For my case, I still believe my SparQ investment was a good decision -- I
use the drive to transport files between home and work (work = OC3
connection : home = 56K -- you see the point :) You mention the
'ruggedness' of the Zip disks. What is inside the casing? Is it 'floppy'
material? One of the first things I noted about the SparQ is that inside
the disk is not floppy -- it is actually remniscent of a hard-drive
platter. Is the Zip a hard-metal platter also (I don't know about Zip, but
I think Jaz uses platter(s)).


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On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, David Campbell wrote:

 |> Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 20:55:16 -0700 (MST)
 |> From: Jay Jacobson <>
 |> To: David Campbell <>
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 |> Subject: Re: [PARPORT] Zip Plus status
 |> I have a question. Don't take this the wrong way -- I am not trying to be
 |> condecending. I am just curious -- why do people buy Zip (or Zip +) drives
 |> when they only hold 100 MB. Retail here (in Phoenix) the Zip + (external)
 |> drive is $199. For the same price, the Syquest SparQ drive holds 1 GB. As
 |> well, the SparQ has a faster seek time, and faster transfer rate. If I
 |> remember correctly, Zip + seek time is about ~24ms, while the SparQ is
 |> 12ms. The Zip + sustained transfer rate is ~1.0 MB/sec, again, the SparQ
 |> is ~1.25 MB/sec. (Stats are for par-port ocnnections, not SCSI) With the
 |> cost of SparQ media being only $99 for three disks ( = 3 GB ), that can't
 |> be it either.
 |> Like I said, I am not trying to start a war, I am just curious...
 |The ZIP+ is either a parallel port OR a SCSI device depending on what it is
 |hooked up to. The TechSpecs for the SparQ is a little sparse (looking at
 |the web page here). The ZIP drive has a head transfer rate of 1.4 Mb/sec
 |with a bus speed of approx 60Mb/min.
 |*think carefully* This has absolutely nothing to do with performance.
 |I think the SparQ is being sold cheaply to get some installed base. The
 |total number of ZIP drives sold is something like 50 million (I could be
 |wrong here...) The chances are your neighbour has a ZIP drive.
 |Summary: Iomega won the first battle by introducing the PC owners
 |cheap removable bulk storage. SyQuest at the moment appear to be waging
 |war against Iomega in terms of price to regain ground.
 |The war is not over yet by a long shot, pray that they don't change the
 |parallel port interfaces in a hurry as it causes headaches for the Linux
 |driver hackers. Arrggg!!!!
 |(I am assuming Grant sympathises with the above comment)
 |David Campbell
 |PS: One thing that I like about the ZIP drive is that the cartridges are
 |extremely rugged. At work we send them by courier around the world
 |(actually from Phenoix of all places) WITHOUT being in a padded bag of any
 |kind. HDD don't survive anything like that, I know as I have a 2 Gb paper
 |weight sent to me from our Singapore office (5 hours flight north of
 |Perth, Western Australia).
 | (Parallel port device related mail)
 | (For all other mail)
 |Just when you thought you have seen every possible
 |parallel port chipset there is, some manufacturer comes
 |out with a new quirk. Just to make things worse, every
 |mainboard manufacturer on the planet decides to use it.

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