[PARPORT] Backpack 8000t - testing required ?

Adrian Phillips (adrianp@knott.powertech.no)
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:52:18 +0100

Good day,

After having partition table corruption and finding my backup routine wanting
I have decided to go for a parallel port tape solution - something that will
cover the 5GB of disk space I have and also cheaper media than removable disks.

Being in Norway there are problems obtaining all the different solutions that
other countries offer but I found one company that sold Microsolutions 8000td
tape drive - 4 GB uncompressed seemed pretty good to me.

I noticed on the PARIDE Web page that the driver is untested on the 8000td - I
presume the drive has the same parallel port interface as the other Backpacks
but Grant doesnt have access to one to check it out - is this the case ?

If that is the case then I will be willing to help test things out once I have
purchased the drive.


Adrian Phillips

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