[PARPORT] JAZ Traveller test results (it works!!)

Thu, 5 Mar 1998 17:39:31 +0000

To all:

I can now confirm that the JAZ Traveller indeed performs exactly like
the interface in the parallel port ZIP drive.

My tests have been based around a JAZ Traveller connected to a
Digital TLZ09 DAT drive (flick a DIP switch on the base and it
becomes a SONY DTS-7000). It appears that the drive has a problem
when using buffered mode and writes requests longer than 355kb (a
quick "mt drvbuffer 0" fixes the problem - although it is slow).

The Iomega NT driver for the JAZ traveller also suffers from the
same problem (but at least I can get the tape drive to work under
Linux :-). Since I can not borrow anyones JAZ drive for a several
hours I will have to say that the ppa driver appears to work
satisfactory (without modifications) with the JAZ Traveller.

I have tested the device in all three modes (SPP, PS2 and EPP)
without problem.

David Campbell

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