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Philip Blundell (Philip.Blundell@pobox.com)
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 08:28:52 +0000

Can someone help this guy? Thanks.


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        I've been using parport over kernel 2.0.30 for quite a long time now,
but I today need to update my kernel to 2.0.33. Unfortunately, tests
(including by myself) show that 'parport' is quite unuseable when used
with kernels beyond 2.0.31. As I use nearly all the time both my Iomega
ZIP drive and the printer, what could you advise me ? And when will an
update to paroport become available ?
        If such features are available in 2.1.x kernels, I would likely have a
try, but the main problem is that I need my system to work very well,
without the backsides of the "alpha/beta" stage of 2.1.x kernels. Do you
know a 2.1 version that could be "useale" for work and supporting
parport-like features?
Thanks for any help,

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