[PARPORT] Re: Installing Zip driver...

Riley Williams (rhw@bigfoot.com)
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 13:29:20 +0100 (BST)

Hi Zoki.

> Could somebody help me with information on how toinstall the
> Zipdriver on RedHat 5. I downloaded the zipped driver, but
> since being new to Linux, after unpacking the stuff with gzip
> it unpacks "somewhere" and from that point on I don't know what
> to do. The written info I found was of no big help.

I presume you're referring to the PPA driver that handles the
parallel port version of the IOmega ZipDrive? If so, you should
have an archive called "ppa.tar.gz" or "ppa.tgz" depending where
you got it from?

You will also need to have a set of kernel sources installed, and
preferably the latest stable kernel, either 2.0.33 or one of the
2.0.34pre* kernels, to follow these instructions.

Assuming you're accessing it from a system running Linux, store it
in /tmp and then do the following:

Q> cd /usr/src
Q> tar xzvf /tmp/ppa.tar.gz
Q> ls -dl ppa*

At this stage, you will see a directory called ppa_1_40 or
similar, depending on which version of ppa you downloaded, and
inside there will be a collection of files. Use cd to change into
that directory, then type the following commands:

Q> make
Q> cp -fv 2.0.x/ppa.? /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/
Q> cd /usr/src/linux

At this point, you're ready to recompile the Linux kernel with the
revised PPA drivers. First, type:

Q> make dep clean

When that finishes, if you have any modules set up (which is
required for PPA compression), type:

Q> make modules modules_install

When that finishes, type the following commands:

Q> make zImage
Q> cp arch/i386/boot/zImage /boot/newkernel

You will then have the revised linux kernel, containing the
updated PPA drivers, in your /boot directory under the name
"newkernel", and only need to add it as an option to your boot

Best wishes from Riley.

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