[PARPORT] Microcom Parallel Port Modem

Rza Razor (wutang_warrior@hotmail.com)
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 21:39:59 PDT

I've searched high & low and it seems' that this is where all the
pointer's point.
Here's my Prob'. I have a Microcom Parallel Port Modem (deskporte
28.8P), it doesn't seem to respond to any input from my Linux box
(2.0.33)The port is o.k. as it works for printing. using /dev/lp2 (which
is the device). I've vi'd the config file (ppp-on) and changed the
device to /dev/lp2, no luck. Is there any *easy* way to get it working
or would a device driver have to be written specifically for the modem?

Thank you.

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