[PARPORT] Linux parallel port and scanners

Jeff Pierce (piercej@preferred.com)
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 09:56:01 -0400

Hello, I have just started on this list and what got me into the Linux
parallel port world is the availablity of inexpensive color scanners
(Mustek, Astra, Plustek, etc. can be had for between $70 - $100 with
rebate from CompUSA, Best Buy, etc.) that work off of the parallel port.

Are there any drivers available for any of these type scanners? I looked
at the Plustek 600P which uses EPP. However upon contacting Plustek they
informed me that would release information so a driver could be
developed by an outside individual and they were only supporting
Microsoft OS platforms.

So, anybody have or is working on a driver for any of these types of

Jeff Pierce

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