Re: [PARPORT] [PATCH] parport_share.c not naming correctly

Inaky Perez Gonzalez (
Fri, 15 May 1998 19:21:33 +0200

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Blundell <> writes:

        Hi, sorry for the delay, pretty busy studying

>> Quite easy. Got two ports, one dedicated to the zip drive and
>> another one for the printer, right? so I tell lp to use parport1
>> and zip to use parport0. If they change names on the fly, I'm
>> screwed off. It's a no-no.

Philip> You _should_ be able to get them to sort out the right ports
Philip> automatically. If you load ppa first it will grab any port
Philip> that has a Zip connected; you can then use lp with the `timid'
Philip> flag to tell it to only claim otherwise-unused ports.
Philip> Alternatively if your printer is plug-and-play you can turn on
Philip> the autoprobe and use `lp=auto'.

        Well, I cannot govern when the zip drive is going to be used
and when any of the printers. A user may be wishing to print and in
then another one may use the zip drive ... the request order is
something unpredictable.

        If the sollution is to have them loaded at the very begining
in the right order, what do I want modules for?

        Come on, it's is not a _deep_ impact modification, it is just
an 'adjustment' on the numbering scheme to make it be always the
same. I don't see your point against it.


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