[PARPORT] linux w new amiga

wood ellis (woodswrk@erols.com)
Sun, 17 May 1998 21:15:31 -0700

I wish to clarify my comment (question) entitled "2 questions", regarding
the Amiga computer.

.... "The Amiga computers will cost less than $1,000, have a new
interface, and advanced multimedia and Internet features, he said. They
might also incorporate Java and Linux software technology. Linux is a
version of Unix software used on high-powered workstation computers. ,,,

That is a partial quote from The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 16, 1998,
business secton, page D-1, an article by Dan Stets, a staff writer for
the Inquirer.

Jeff Schindler, top dog of Amiga, which is now owned by Gateway,
announced in London that the Amiga will run on a new op system, Amiga OS
4.0, and then an OS 5.0. The first new machines to be available in
November. Notice that the actual quote says that they -might- include
linux, not that they -will- include linux, as I implied in my first

Check the article. It's interesting because of the astonishing claims
made for the new OS's.

Another comment: I'm really surprised that everybody else on our list
didn't know about this before I did, as I'm not in the main swim of


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