[PARPORT] SCSI Timeout on AIC7xxx when PPA is active.

Mark Garlanger (garlangr@cyberramp.net)
Wed, 27 May 1998 22:20:50 -0500

Hi all,

  Is anyone successfully running the AIC7xxx and PPA drivers togather?
  When I try to use the PPA drive with the AIC7xxx driver, I am seeing
Timeout on the AIC7xxx driver during the booting. Here is my
Linux 2.0.33
Micronics W6-LI w/ Built in Adaptec AIC-7880 U/W SCSI,
Devices on the U/W SCSI:
-8.7G U/W Micropolis Harddrive
-Seagate DAT Drive
-Toshiba CD-ROM
2nd Parallel Port(ISA card set to 0x378, mb's 0x278 is used
     for the printer) with the Iomega ZIP Drive.
The AIC-7880 is using IRQ 10.
--Current system without zip drive connected:
furball:/proc# more interrupts
 0: 214514 timer
 1: 5205 keyboard
 2: 0 cascade
 3: 854 + serial
 4: 26603 + serial
 8: 0 + rtc
10: 5734 aic7xxx
11: 0 PAS16
13: 3671 + IPI

I've tried both the stock ppa driver and the latest 1.42 version. The
AIC7xxx is the stock 2.0.33
driver. I've tried both SMP and non-SMP kernels. With ppa support
compiled in to the kernel
and the ZIP connect I am unable to get past the fscking of my harddrive,
it just comes back with
the SCSI Time-out (otherwise I would include the syslog messages).
Everything is detected
properly including the ZIP drive on scsi1 (aic7880 is scsi0).
In my previous system, I had the PPA and NCR7,8xx (and IDE support)
drivers working togather
without a problem, so I'm not sure if what the cause is.
Could there be some interaction in the mid-level scsi routines between
the aic7xxx and ppa drivers?

If there is any additional information needed just let me know..(and I
know I should just get
the SCSI ZIP drive, but I had purchased the parallel port version before
I had a SCSI card).

            Thanks in advance,

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