[PARPORT] new to the list...

Lord Spatula (urchlay@geocities.com)
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 20:49:23 +0000

Actually kind of new to the LInux world too.

My question is this: does parport 0.94 work with kernel version 2.0.33
(I realise that parport development has stopped
for the 2.0.x kernel series)..

I've been using kernel 2.0.30 and parport 0.94 successfully for some
time, with a Syquest EZ135. When I boot kernel 2.0.33 I get "paride:
Autodetect Failed." after insmod epat (I think.. it may be after insmod
pd, I'll have to reboot to make sure)

I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong, since it works fine in
2.0.30. Does 2.0.33 just break epat? If anyone knows, I'd like to hear
from you; maybe it works in 2.0.34?

thank you for your patience with this (probably) stupid question.


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