[PARPORT] HP CD-Writer Plus 7200

Vidar Madsen (vidar@prosalg.no)
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:06:30 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi all. (I'm new to this list, so pls bare with me if this is a FAQ.)

When trying to run cdwrite I get this strange error;

    # cdwrite --device /dev/pcd0 cdimage
    opening scsi device: Read-only file system

I can mount and read CDs without problems, so I guess the drive is
detected correctly. However, I found the following line in
linux/drivers/block/paride/pcd.c, line 319; (I'm using kernel 2.1.106, by
the way, with Alan Cox' patch-ac1. Dunno if it matters.)

    if (file->f_mode & 2) return -EROFS; /* wants to write ? */

I guess that explains it... Or does it?

(I did a quick grep through the source, and there _are_ functions for
writing blocks too, but I can't figure out how...)

I tried commenting the line out, but then the cdwrite command just hung
there, and the CD drive gave off sporadic flashes on the "Busy" LED. The
"Write" LED didn't react at all.

Anyone else out there who have gotten this drive to work?

Thanks in advance.

Vidar Madsen

Vidar Madsen | E-mail: vidar@prosalg.no
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