Re: [PARPORT] Phase change filesystem

Stephan M. (
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 23:03:58 +0200

>I think the concept of "incompatible PD-filesystems" is a bit misleading.
>There is no special filesystem for PD disks, nor is this even a filesystem
>issue at all.
>The problem is that there are no standards about partitioning "superfloppy"
>media. When I built the 'pf' driver, it appeared that the convention
>was that ATAPI disks would _not_ be partitioned.
>It would appear that your NT drivers have decided to use partition tables.

Well, on reading "superfloppy" I reconsulted the Readme of my lf-1500-driver
(which comes from Shuttle Technologies actually) - and yes, NT- and W95-
driver handle both, Superfloppy and FDisk-Format.

The only problem with NT is: it can format only a partitioned Disk, so as
the PD-Media come unformatted, you have to partion it in order to use.

W95-format uses the Superfloppy format as default, but if the disk has
already been partioned by nt it seems to use FDisk-Format instead.

So I deleted the partion under linux, made an ext2-fs with mkfs, mounted it
and it worked fine.

Then I Changed to W95, which didn't like ext2, and formatted it again - now
in Superfloppy-format.

Now everything was working fine: full read/write access to PD-disks under
all 3 OSs (under linux: mounted as vfat).

Anyway, I'll try your "mtools"-solution and give you feedback, If your're
still interested ...


stephan m.

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