[PARPORT] Looking for a MIDI interface driver

Matthias Lübberstedt (luebbi@ppi.de)
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 17:31:27 +0200

Hi Parallel Porters,

this is my first posting to the list so take my apologies if this has been
asked before:

Recently, I bought a MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) Micro Express MIDI interface
box (4 separate MIDI-ins, 6 separate MIDI-outs) which is connected to the
parallel port of the PC.
I addition to using it with Win95 applications, I would also like to use it
with Linux.

Before re-inventing the wheel, let me ask the community if anyone has
already written a Linux driver for this type of gear. It surely requires
bi-directional port operation and (as it routes and filters MIDI commands and
also does SMPTE synchronisation) almost-real-time response.

MOTU have sent me the documentation of the control commands that are
by the interface, but they only supply drivers for Windows and Mac themselves.

So, if anyone knows of such a driver (or one with similar properties) or
can give me hints on programming a driver myself please respond.
Some more pointers to places where I can find information on how to do it
are equally welcome.


email: luebbi@ppi.de
mail:  Pape+Partner Media GmbH
       Graumannsweg 54/Schottweg 3
       D-22087 Hamburg, Germany
voice: +49-40-227433-27
fax:   +49-40-227433-19

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