[PARPORT] Attempting to config tape drive.

Adam Williams (awilliam@whitemice.org)
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 20:43:25 +0000

        I am a sys-admin for a medium size company and use a little Linux
workstation for all of my day to day work. I recently aqcuired an Exabyte TR-3
parrallel port tape drive which I would like to use to make interim backups of
my projects without having to walk down to the "Server Room" and changing a
tape there.
        I've removed the cover of the tape drive and found that the part number
is 315702-002 and the interface between the the drive and the port contains to
chips, a Microsolutions 50772B 9627MVB04 and a S9242AGC4 PC8477BV-1 NSC 1991.
 So I assumed that this drive would use the BackPack protocol. I built a
2.0.34 kernel + parport patch, insmod'd the parport.o, bpck.o, and pt.o, the
first to loaded fine but the last one reported no devices found.
        Is this in fact a par-ide drive? And if so am I missing something? Or
is there any other way to support this drive?

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