Re: [PARPORT] HP Colorado 5GB parallel tape drive supported?

andrzej wadas (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 10:54:12 +0100

I am using it with kernel 2.1.106. You have to go through kernel compilation and
enable parallel port support. You will not find a word about HP Colorado
so do not worry. You have to enable this option where there are EPAT and Pt
parameters. Perhaps, read first parallel port support page. You will find
all names of protocols and drivers etc. Page is very well written. When you get
through and your kernel is compiled then attach Colorado to the port and boot
your box. At the boot time you should see notes about parallel port and your
Colorado will be tested (physically you will hear the tape running). Afterwards,
you will see that is recognized and the boot goes further. That is all. You can
test it using tar.
If I am not clear in my description or jumped over an important detail send an
e-mail and I will be more specific.
Andrzej Wadas

Jonas August wrote:

> Hi,
> I've got an HP Colorado 5GB parallel port tape drive that so far only seems
> to work under Windoze. Anyone tried to use it under linux? How might I go
> about getting it up and running?
> Thanks,
> Jonas
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