Re: [PARPORT] PLIP howto?

Fri, 24 Jul 1998 19:21:46 -0400 (EDT)

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> Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a recent copy of the PLIP howto?
> Just got my new HD for the laptop, installed Linux, and want to network it
> to my desktop, and the only version of the howto I can find is from '96.
> It seems to have dropped off the face of Sunsite too...
> If that's a no-go, then does anyone have some hints for me on setting it
> up? On my laptop (Gateway Solo 2300XL) the parallel port is detected as
> plip1 instead of 0 (It's set that way in the CMOS for some odd reason),
> and I enter all the commands like I've seen on every howto page for
> networking, however I keep getting transmit errors from the laptop.
> Also, how should the parport be configured, I have the option of
> Output-Only (Hell no!), Bi-Directional, EPP, and ECP. I don't know much
> about these, so I thought it best to ask.
> Thanks in advance.

The PLIP howto can be downloaded from the author's web site

Plip works really well for me, and I just stepped through the howto nearly
verbatum. Perhaps the newest howto is more accurate or easier to follow.

You need to get a special cable (the howto has the wiring diagram), compile
plip and severa other options into both kernels, bundle some route and
ifconfig commands into a script (for ease of use -- you could very well type
them from the command line) and add entries in /etc/hosts for both machines.

I'd like to get PLIP working at the same time as my Syquest Ezflyer using the
drive's pass-through. But that is a project for this weekend.

good luck. the howto explains it all much better than I can.


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