[PARPORT] still can't print as of 2.1.117

Rob Fugina (robf@geeks.com)
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 14:11:20 -0500 (CDT)

I've just started really trying to track this down...

I've not been able to print anything bug garbage ever since well before
2.1.100. The 2.0 series still works...

I use no fancy parallel devices, and I even avoid the fancy (ECP, etc)
settings for my parallel port in my BIOS. I don't enable status readback
in the kernel. I don't use dynamically loaded kernel modules.

My printer is a LaserJet 6L, and I use an active printer buffer/switch
between several computers and the printer (this is partially why I
disable status readback and ECP mode, etc...).

Normally, the kernel would recognize the parallel port in polling
mode. I've tried specifying 'parport=0x378,7' and it detects it as
interrupt-driven, but it works no better.

All 2.0 kernels I've tried work fine. All 2.1 kernels 100 through
117 fail to work. I don't know how much farther back the problem
goes. I suspect this is the 'lost characters' problem mentioned on
http://www.cyberelk.demon.co.uk/parport.html. Even a few lost characters
can spoil my printer's day... What can I do to help solve this problem???
Would it help if I went back through all the 2.1 kernels to find out
which patch introduced the problem?


Rob Fugina, robf@geeks.com
Unix Systems Administrator/Consultant

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