[PARPORT] Compex Paraport2 Pocket Ethernet

Doug Hilton (doug.hilton@cyberdude.com)
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 00:09:45 -0400

Latest news:

Nothing. Not even the slightest peep of a squeek of anything from
Compex. Maybe they have to translate my message before they respond...
maybe they fired their programmer. Who knows, but I wasn't impressed
when my school made me buy this stupid thing, and I'm not impressed now.
I suppose I'll just get one of those D-Link DE-620CT gizmos, and sell
the Compex $#!+ to somebody who will never run anything but Win-95.

It outta be a crime... good thing I'm not in charge! Ok, cool
down... whew...

I suppose I'll keep working on the driver for this thing. D-Link is
gonna make some cash in the meantime though. I just can't afford to keep
two development environments going at the same time, and us poor dudes
tend to favour the system that favours the poor; i.e. Linux. The cost of
another ethernet adaptor is not trivial to me, but I'm prepared to bite
the bullet if I have to.

- The Dougster

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