[PARPORT] [ANNOUNCE] ftape-tools-1.07 released, utilities for the Linux floppy tape driver

Claus-Justus Heine (claus@math1.rwth-aachen.de)
31 Aug 1998 11:38:05 +0200

I'd like to announce the ftape tool's collection revision 1.07.

ftape is a floppy tape device driver for Linux.

ftape-tools-1.07 is a collection of more or less useful utilities for

The packages contains

ftmt -- modified GNU mt version which knows about ftape-3.x/ftape-4.x
              non-standard ioctl calls
ftformat -- program to format floppy tape cartridges with ftape.
vtblc -- utility to manipulate the volume table of a floppy tape
swapout -- memory de-fragmentation program. Sometimes needed when
              ftape can't allocate its DMA buffers.
listtape -- Perl script to list the contents of a floppy tape cartridge
ftape-tool -- Tcl/Tk front end to the utilities listed above.

It is planned that the "contrib/" subdirectory of the distribution
contains tips, tricks and patches for various backup programs for use
with ftape. At the moment there is a single patch for the KBackup

The package comes with pre-formatted documentation in info, html and text

Changes in release 1.07

Reading and modifying the volume table with the Tcl/Tk frontend
"ftape-tool" was broken in previous versions. This should have been
fixed now.


a) From my web page:


b) From sunsite (not yet):




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