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Wed, 9 Sep 1998 15:12:31 -0700 (PDT)

Mr. Guenther,
        Thank you for responding to my pleas for assistance. Let me
attempt to answer your efforts/queries in turn. BTW, please reply to
me at: as I'm using PINE right now on my linux box
which has a dynamically assigned IP #. i.e. There is no 'ufo' in the

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998 wrote:

> > BUT I recently discovered (after some many months) that my Sparq appears
> > to misinterpret gzipped files...especially larger ones, although this is
> > a pronounced tendency rather than a given. I called Syquest tech
> > support who argued they don't support linux. The guy suggested the
> > drivers were at fault, but I'm not sure of that.
> > Everything works fine in win3.11 with Syquests drivers. I opened a
> > brand new cartridge hoping that was all it took. No luck. 'sum' also
> > returns errant values when evaluating
> > the large gzipped files on the Sparq. The file(s) are fine on any of my
> > other drives, both DOS and native linux long as I
> > don't try to copy the errored files from the Sparq.
> What you haven't told us is what mode the PARIDE drivers are using
> and how you have set your parallel port.

I'm afraid I'm ignorant of how to determine what 'mode' the paride drivers
use. Can you or someone tell me this? Is there a FAQ or web page that
deals specifically with the details of 'mode' use in the PARIDE suite?
i.e. I don't know.

> Please report on the CMOS settings for your drive, and also show us
> the log messages that appear when you load pd with the "verbose=1"
> option.

I don't know what the CMOS settings for my PP drive are, but believe
they're set to 'enhanced' PP. Is there a file in linux's /proc I can
read to determine this without having to reboot the machine and attempting
to examine the CMOS setting through the bios? I have not tried the
"verbose=1" setting and don't expect it would reveal anything since the
gzip -t failure errors seem so subtle. However, I will set the verbose
mode and report what it returns in my next e-mail.

> Also, there might be a pattern to the errors. Try to find the smallest
> file that fails to copy on and off the drive correctly. Then, use
> the cmp utility, or something similar, to examine the nature of the
> errors. Do you get lost bytes, extra bytes, incorrect bits, or
> some other kind of error ?

I don't appear to lose bytes...'sum' always returns exactly the correct
number of bytes for the filesize of the filename returning a crc error
while residing on the Sparq. Hmmmm...let me see if I can paste some
of the error prompts and evaluations here. BTW, one file, wp8tar.gz is
just over 35 megs in size. I first noticed the problem in attempting to
copy it to the Sparq and later noticed other files with similar
difficulties on the Sparq, so I'll refer to it.

ufo:/mnt/sparqp# cp /mnt/hdb6/wp8/*
cp: missing file argument
Try `cp --help' for more information.
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# cp /mnt/hdb6/wp8/* .
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# ls -l
total 37406
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 12288 Sep 8 11:35 lost+found/
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 1024 Sep 9 06:12 news/
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 38139774 Sep 9 14:43 wp8tar.gz*
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# gunzip -t wp8tar.gz

gunzip: wp8tar.gz: invalid compressed data--crc error
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# sum /mnt/hdb6/wp8/wp8tar.gz
02818 37246
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# sum wp8tar.gz
27314 37246
(BTW, the hdb6 partition is a DOS partion, but the value sum returns from
the filename there is consistent everywhere but on the Sparq)

ufo:/mnt/sparqp# cmp /mnt/hdb6/wp8/wp8tar.gz wp8tar.gz
/mnt/hdb6/wp8/wp8tar.gz wp8tar.gz differ: char 2318506, line 8767
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# mv wp8tar.gz wp8.tar.gaz
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# cp /mnt/hdb6/wp8/* .
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# mv wp8.tar.gaz wp8tar.gaz
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# ls -l
total 74799
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 12288 Sep 8 11:35 lost+found/
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 1024 Sep 9 06:12 news/
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 38139774 Sep 9 14:43 wp8tar.gaz*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 38139774 Sep 9 14:50 wp8tar.gbz*
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# sum wp8tar.gaz
27314 37246
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# sum wp8tar.gbz
49292 37246
ufo:/mnt/sparqp# cmp wp8tar.gaz wp8tar.gbz
wp8tar.gaz wp8tar.gbz differ: char 112031, line 408

I don't see a pattern there other than the crc failing unpredictably.

> What effect does increasing the port delay parameter have (when you
> load pd) ?

Ouch! OK, what's the syntax for increasing the port delay parameter for
my parallel port when I load pd? BTW, I do have only one PP and although
there's a printer attached to it along with the Sparq, I don't believe I
have enabled any kind of lpr module and don't have the printer turned on.
In fact, I've never used the lpr in linux. But it's something to
consider. I'm running 2.0.34 in slakware.

> > Am I the only one that is seeing this mystery?
> This sort of thing is most often attributable to the parallel port,
> or cabling. Do you happen to have a switch box in the circuit -
> or is the drive chained behind something else ?

No switch box...the drive does exist attached to the same PP as the
printer, but as I explained above, I don't use the printer in linux.
How do I check to be certain (there's a script file somewhere created when
I compiled 2.0.34) there's no conflict?

> What about the computer ? At least one laptop will do this sort
> of thing in EPP mode owing to some missing wiring on the motherboard.

It's a pentium style clone--AMDK6-200 w/MMX and a AWARD bios (v4.50g?).
It's not a laptop. I believe the CMOS assigns the EPP mode to the PP as
it is currently set.

> > Should I get a newer paride suite?
> It's not a bad idea - as paride has advanced significantly since 0.94
> (which I believe you mentioned in your message directly to me), however,
> I don't think any of the changes are relevant to your problem.

I suppose the src will have what version of paride and pd I'm
using....hope the INFOMAGIC linux developer 6 CD-set I got this July has
the most recent paride suite.

> > Anyone have a clue?
> Do you ever get any i/o errors when access the SparQ ?

No. In fact, e2fsck /dev/pda1 says it's OK. *sigh*

Thanks, Grant!

ifconfig lo mtu 1500
mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /mnt/hdc
mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdd /mnt/hdd
# insmod /root/softmore/ez.o
killall -9 lpd
rmmod lp
insmod /root/softmore/paride.o
insmod /root/softmore/epat.o
insmod /root/softmore/pd.o
# mount -t msdos /dev/eza1 /mnt/ez135p
mount -t ext2 /dev/pda1 /mnt/sparqp
# ezryder
mount -t msdos /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1
echo The SyJet is now sdb1, hoser!
mount -t msdos /dev/sde4 /mnt/sde4
echo The JAZ drive is now sde4, hoser!
mount -t msdos /dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb1
mount -t msdos /dev/hdb5 /mnt/hdb5
mount -t msdos /dev/hdb6 /mnt/hdb6
# soundon

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