Re: [PARPORT] parport irq handler v7 test w/ 3 pp devices

David Campbell (
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 16:17:20 +0800


> The result in one sentence: No warnings, no data loss.


> 2. As I said before the PHd is a very slow device and using it makes
> my Linux box slow as well. Even changing VCs are slow.
> I use the pd driver always with nice=1. I tried some cluster setting
> as well such as the default (64), 32, 16, 1. My machine's responsiveness
> weren't better. What can I do to achieve what I want? Maybe put some
> schedule(); in the pd driver? Where? Grant, can you suggest some points?
> :)

I will stay out of this one... All I can say is that schedule() in the wrong spot
can cause a kernel panic (if called from within any interrupt, software [polling]
or hardware).

David Campbell

Current project list:
a) Maintain Linux ZIP drivers
b) Create Linux chipset specific parport drivers
c) Start on ParSCSI drivers
d) Boot proms for parport devices (socket onto NE2000 cards)

Any assistance to clearing this list most welcome

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