[PARPORT] [ANNOUNCE] ftape-4.03-pre-1

Claus-Justus Heine (claus@math1.rwth-aachen.de)
25 Sep 1998 16:58:48 +0200

Hi folks,

ftape-4.03-pre-1 fixes a bug in ftape's parport handling where ftape
used "parport_claim_or_block() != 0" for error checking instead "< 0".

Also, 4.03-pre-1 now tries to read the second header segment not only
when it failed to read the first one, but also when the first one has
the wrong signature.

The automatic data-rate reduction was broken with the internal Ditto
Max drives in 4.02. It stopped by 3000kbps instead of reducing the
rate further to 2000kbps in case of overrun errors. A priori reduction
using the "ft_fdc_rate_limit" module parameter was NOT affected by
this bug.

Recently there were problems with Ditto 2GB drives where something
(ftape???) had completely erased the first header segment.

In a fortnight or so I'm going to install a Linux system for my
brother. He has an external Ditto 2GB. Maybe I can do some testing at
that time. ftape-4.03 will be released afterwards.

As usual the new version can be downloaded from the ftape web site at


The mirror at


is already up to date. The mirror at info-systems.com will be updated



  Claus-Justus Heine             

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