[PARPORT] Logitech Pagescan Color Pro

Luis A. Fernandez (qapfecul@lg.ehu.es)
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 15:39:37 +0200

Hello all,
Maybe this question has been asked some
hundred times but I'm new to the list and
know if there is a FAQ or something alike.
The question is that I have a Logitech
Pagescan Color Pro scaner attached to the
computer through the parallel port (shared
with the printer in Win 95 mode works
allright). I've been using Linux for some 3
years now and the ONLY reason why I mantain
W95 in my home computer is the lack of support
for the scaner (at work and for
everything else I use only Linux). I've been
searching everywhere for support for the
scaner without succes and I wonder if people
in the list could throw me some pointer in
order to solve the problem (a driver, kernel
patch, support program or whaterver).
I have to say also that from time to time I
write to the Logitech support service
asking for support for the Linux OS, but never
got even an answer.
As my programming expertise in C is rather
poor (I'm a chemist and know only fortran,
basic and tcl/tk) and I'd like to contribute
in any way I can to the development of
support for this model, I would be eager to
act as beta tester (if there is anything to
test) or bring whatever kind of help you may
think of.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Dr. Luis A. Fernandez Cuadrado
Department of Analytical Chemistry
University of The Basque Country
P.O. Box 644, 48080 Bilbao, SPAIN

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