Re: [PARPORT] Re: [patch] parport-arca-16 (fwd)

NIIBE Yutaka (
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 13:51:16 +0900 (JST)


David Campbell <> wrote:
> This is more a plip implementation issue and should be handled by the
> maintainer for that driver.

Yes, I think so too. :-)

> Hmm... This 2.0.x code could be broken on PS/2 style (bidirectional) parallel
> ports. This assumes that bit 5 (0x20) on the printer control register is zero
> (port direction set to write mode), assuming is a very dangerous practice.

Well, PLIP only works on SPP. At least, protocol assumes that the
parallel port is SPP, and it was implemented assuming SPP. Then, it
comes Parport, more big picture which supports SPP, EPP, ECP, and
such. Please note that even with Parport, PLIP only works on SPP,
because it uses 4-bit nibble of cable.

> > The old code (-) from 2.0.35 works fine on SPP
> > and 'generic Parallel' ports. e.g. paraports with no assigned irq.

> Would be a touch slow without IRQs.

PLIP doesn't work without IRQ. It is totally interrupt-base code. I think
that there are some confusions here.

Ely Wilson <> wrote:
> If anyone more experienced with paraport code or plip code could so kindly
> offer a fix i'd be gracious, until then I'm fiddling with source I know
> little about.

Please describe your *problem* at first. You posted many messages,
but I couldn't figure out what's your problem exactly. In one
message, you said that PLIP is working, in another message you said
that PLIP is broken, which is true? Surely, I could help you, if you
let me know what is the problem. I understand your upset upgrading to
2.1 kernel, so, please let me know the problem.


NIIBE Yutaka

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On Oct 9, 17:18, Bart Schaefer wrote: } Subject: Reviving procmail and SmartList

} Subject: Reviving procmail and SmartList

> more interested in a thriving application than in one that is > gradually fading away, so I'd like to encourage some more > discussion along the lines of a procmail revival.

> I've set up a mailing list

As one who has been following this discussion closely, and has an investment of time and effort in procmail and SmartList, I'm very happy Dr.Bart Schaefer has indicated an interest in furthering procmail (and, perhaps by extension, SmartList) development. Bart was quite involved in the development of the MUA I still use, mush, among other things (


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