Re: [PARPORT] Re: ppa and Red Hat Rawhide 1.1.0-1

Philip Blundell (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 11:15:58 +0200

>> Obviously this doesn't quite work if you have more than
>> one type of parallel port, but only about one user in a million is in that
>> situation and they can sort it out for themselves. :-)
>I can assure you that it isn't the "one user in a million".

Using two different types of port in one machine? I'd be surprised if many
people were. At the moment to do that you'd have to have a SPARC or m68k with
a PC port on an add-in card.

>we need #define sequence to kill the kernel compile if the user forgot to
>select parport_pc (or similar) even as a module. I myself have been caught a

I'd rather not. The intention was that nothing would depend on having
PC-style support in there. You can add modules at a later date as well. I
don't think that missing out parport_pc is any easier to do or worse in its
effects than forgetting some other driver module.

Like I said, by all means add code to parport_share to detect the case when
there are no low-level drivers present and print a helpful message.


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