Re: [PARPORT] RedHat rant - late followup

Thomas Good (
Sun, 1 Nov 1998 09:16:44 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

Alan -

Please excuse my tardy is not evidence of my disinterest in
your missive, rather, it illustrates just how busy I've been making
a mess of my SQL-Perl code. ;-)

> glibc is now standard. There are lots and lots of technical reasons
> for using it (including the fact a lot of commercial vendors would never
> have ported products to libc5). libc5 is officially dead.
> Anyway thats an aside.

Standard for whom? Not for Slackware, FreeBSD or SCO UnixWare, my friend.
Can't speak for any other brand. But I use these guys...and I follow the
often heated debates in BSD circles - they grow heated when linuxers
mention glibc and the BSD animosity towards Stallman rears its head.
And it is a pronounced animosity. ;-)

Anyway, to attempt to reacquire focus here, the BSD developers (last I
heard, correct me if I am in error) are NOT interested in the new std.

On to the real issue...

> Why don't you support it ? You've got the drive and you like slackware. Drop
> Patrick an email and ask him for some instructions. From then on you can
> keep a bpcd image around, and unlike Pat you probably have such a drive

Alan, Pat and I did collaborate on a boot image. It's probably still up
on the walnut creek page - I recall it being under misc - as bpcd.i.
Now, I say `collaborate'...hee hee...Pat did the work and then asked me
to fire it up. I did so but despite my running mknod, et al, the thing
misfired. I was unable to access the device. I tried on diff boxes and
with two diff backpacks. (I'm an incurable collector.)

My point? (Geez, I had one here somewhere, let me ask my wife...)

Could you or Grant send a recipe for making a bootdisk? I am preliterate
in that area. As stated previously I am a screwer-upper of database code,
not a kernel hacker. If you could send instructions (I have bpcd.c) I
would love to give it a go. Bear in mind, in penning the directions, I
have a room temperature IQ. If this presents too daunting a task, I
understand. ;-)



To my Brazilian companero - I lost your address (lo siento)! However, Alan's reply was the only response I got to my Mad (Red)Hatter Rant.

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