[PARPORT] Antec PhotoChute

Steffan Mejia (steffanm@msn.com)
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 08:40:28 -0800

Has anyone had any experience with the Antec PhotoChute?

This device is a paralell port PCMCIA / Compact Flash adapter. I've seen
also seen it under another name, which I can't remember. It's about the
size of a cigarette pack, and light metallic blue in color. It contains two
slots, one for compact flash, the other for a full size PCMCIA card. I've
disassembled it, but haven't been able to identify the chipset on board or
the mfr.

Their tech support is *horrible*, and were quite rude when I asked for
information / specs.

Under WinNT, the drivers make it appear as a SCSI device. I don't know if
it actually uses that protocol or whether it just appears that way.

I've tried loading the protocol drivers, paride.o, and all of the high-level
drivers, nothing shows up in the autoprobe.

I appreciate any info anyone has on this.



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