[PARPORT] ppa and kerneld

Hervé Autret (autret@bcgn.grignon.inra.fr)
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 16:03:05 +0100

Hello people here!

I'm still trying to use ppa with some more automatisms, so I want ppa to
be loaded by kerneld. Everyone, then, will be able to umount the zip
drive, print with lp, insert another disk and mount it again without
beeing root (I'm thinking of the poor users I force to work on my
machine). To achieve this, I appended:

alias block-major-8 ppa
in /etc/conf.modules

now everyone must be able to type only "mount /zip_100" to get ppa
inserted and the drive mounted, and it just runs exactly... ONCE , so if
I umount my zip and then I want to use it again I must do it BEFORE
kerneld unloads ppa, otherwise I have to type insmod [-k] (or to reboot
to use this convenience again)

I think thad Kerneld is not fautly because at the same time it drives
fine all the other modules, so has someone an idea of what goes awry ?

PS: Happy new year

Herve Autret
Unite de Bioclimatologie


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