Re: [PARPORT] Backpack Bantam
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 07:40:25 -0500 (EST)

> I'm trying to get a Backpack Bantam CD-ROM working under Red Hat 5.2
> (kernel 2.0.36) on a Compaq Contura 410CX notebook. I've successfully
> installed OS/2 Warp 4 with this hardware combination amongst other
> things (although I had to use a barely documented switch with the OS/2
> driver to force bidirectional mode, suggesting that Compaq's EPP
> implementation might be a bit wobbly).

We'll have to come back to that clue a bit later.

> Problem: I can't get Red Hat to recognise the Bantam at installation
> time and so I'll probably have to install from the hard drive, but that
> was more or less expected. My understanding from reading this group's
> archives and the online information is that:

I have a new RedHat 5.2 boot disk that should work with your drive.
(It also supports several other external CD-ROMs). I got caught up
with some 2.2 related things and didn't quite finish it. I'll see if
I can put it up for FTP sometime today.

> 1. Once fully up, kernel 2.0 supports the Bantam (monolithic and
> modularised).

2.0.36 does. There was a minor error in 2.0.35 which caused a lot
of confusion (it breaks the driver on non-EPP ports).

> 2. Installation routines for kernel 2.0 distributions don't support
> the Bantam.

Well, SuSE fully supports the Bantam, I believe. Slackware intended
to support it, but there was an error on the CD. There's a corrected
Slackware pportide boot disk on RedHat has actually
supported backpack installs for a long time, but they put the support in
as an exception, and it got forgotten about, the driver on the official
boot disk is ancient, and doesn't work with the Bantam drive.

(BTW, there's quite the comedy of errors here, none of the problems mentioned
were related to each other.)
> 3. Installation support for the Bantam will be coming with kernel 2.2
> distributions.

As I said, Slackware and SuSE now _fully_ support all the parallel port
CD-ROMs. RedHat's probably going to leave it to me to provide boot disks
for these things. (Perhaps I'm being unfair to Erik, but that was were
things were left when we last discussed this.)

> I have a second, more peripheral (weak pun) problem that I'd like to
> pose the group. I've been trying to install Red Hat from my hard drive
> without success. Yes, I know it should be simple and I've probably
> missed something elementary, but the Red Hat installation routine simply
> refuses to accept the FAT16 installation tree that I've put on /dev/hda5
> (being my first logical partition). The routine sees the partition, but
> will not recognise the tree. I've created /RedHat/base & /RedHat/RPMS
> with the appropriate files in 8.3 format (as on the Red Hat CD, and
> entirely ok according to the doco). Any ideas?

I assume that you've checked for messages on the ALT_F* consoles ? Have
you tried different variations on the path you specify ? I recall having
had to try a few different things before I found the correct path to
tell the installer when last I tried this.

Grant R. Guenther

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