Re: [PARPORT] Backpack Bantam

Cameron Parle (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 20:39:46 +1100

> I have a new RedHat 5.2 boot disk that should work with your drive.
> (It also supports several other external CD-ROMs). I got caught up
> with some 2.2 related things and didn't quite finish it. I'll see if
> I can put it up for FTP sometime today.

Thanks for the new boot image. I'm impressed with your rapid and
knowledgeable response. No wonder Redmond is nervous!

Unfortunately, I can't boot my Contura from a floppy I've made with your
new image using DOS rawrite, although my desktop has no problems booting
from it. The Compaq WILL boot from a 'factory' RH5.0 floppy and from a
test copy of that floppy I made with DOS diskcopy. I've tried other
experimental permutations in making boot disks that the Contura might
like, without luck yet. I have a copy of COL1.3 floating around too, so
might play with that as well. Anyway, will take this problem off-line

> I assume that you've checked for messages on the ALT_F* consoles ? Have
> you tried different variations on the path you specify ? I recall having
> had to try a few different things before I found the correct path to
> tell the installer when last I tried this.

Yes, but nothing sticks out yet. I received an e-mail suggesting that
RH (older 4.2 though) might expect the tree to live off \tmp\rhimage,
but that doesn't seem to be my problem. Will take this off-line now
too. Sort of getting there... :Z

Cameron Parle

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