[PARPORT] 1284.3 support

Tim Waugh (twaugh@matra.co.uk)
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 16:00:49 -0000

I've uploaded
<URL:ftp://ftp.torque.net/pub/parport/patch-2.2.0-pre4-1284-12843.gz>, which
should be applied to 2.2.0-pre4 plus the 2.2.0-pre4-1284 patch in the same

Can people with 1284.3-compliant devices (like the Zip plus) let me know if
it finds them? Also, let me know if printing behaviour changes.

Both patches should apply to 2.2.0-pre5 without too much pain.


twaugh@matra.co.uk     MATRA Systems (UK) Ltd., Home Farm, Leigh Road,
                       Eastleigh, SO50 9EU  Registered in Cardiff 2642797

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