Re: [PARPORT] Trouble with Zip Plus Drive

David Campbell (
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 08:26:25 +0800

Date sent: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 19:32:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Xuan Mai <xmh200@omicron.ACF.NYU.EDU>
Subject: [PARPORT] Trouble with Zip Plus Drive

> Hi! I am having trouble with Iomega's Zip Plus Drive. The drive
> is connected to the parallel port. I recompiled the kernel with
> modules, scsi and scsi disk support as directed by the how-to and
> then downloaded and compiled the Zip Plus driver.

Good start, which kernel version are you using? 2.0.36?

> Upon bootup, this is the message I get pertaining to the zip
> drive:
> imm: Version 0.18
> imm: Probing port 03bc
> imm: Probing port 0378
> imm: SPP port present
> imm: EPP 1.7
> imm: Probing port 0278
> scsi0 : Iomega ZIP Plus drive
> scsi : 1 host.

The problem with the 2.0.x driver is that it does not have the "scsi device
check" extensions which are found in later 2.1.x and the 2.2.0pre# kernels.

This makes debugging very difficult to figure out the exact problem. You are
not alone with this problem. I have been talking to a person at Monash Uni
(Melbourne, Australia) who has the exact same problem, however the drive works
fine on his girlfriends machine.

So it sounds like it could be hardware related, however from the traces the
machines have the parallel ports configured in two different modes. One used
PS2 the other EPP (the EPP one failed to work). Perhaps try changing the
parallel port mode to another mode (using BIOS) and see if that works.

In a moment (providing I do not have any other serious problems in my mailbox)
I will back port the "scsi device check" extensions. This should either fix the
problem or provide enough info to spot where things are going wrong.

David Campbell

PS - imm0019.tgz has been uploaded to for "experiment use only",
although the changes are small I have not been able to give it a good shake
that I would normally do.
Check for all Linux parallel port solutions.

Current project list:
a) Get ZIP Plus drive back from waranty claim
b) Maintain Linux ZIP drivers (need to update docs)

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