[PARPORT] Backpack Bantam, Contura 410CX & RH5.2

Cameron Parle (cparle@mpx.com.au)
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 12:53:07 +1100

I've done more experimentation with this setup since recently posting
details of my initial installation experiences. I thought I'd note my
findings here while they're still fresh.

In a general sense, they might be of use to anyone wishing to install
RH5.2 on hardware with the following characteristics:

a) A laptop that will _not_ boot RH5.2 from a floppy other than a
'factory' one, or an imaged copy of such a floppy.

b) A parallel port CD-ROM _not_ supported by 'factory' RH5.2 floppy or
CD-ROM installation routines.

There's no problem here in booting DOS, loading its Backpack driver and
installing \RedHat\base and RedHat\RPMS from the RH5.2 CD-ROM to a FAT
partition (for a hard drive install), except for the RH5.2 installation
tree recognition bug best described at:


Red Hat put out modified boot images to fix this problem just a few days
ago, but my system can't use the boot diskette produced from this set.

Fortunately, my system _will_ accept the new supp diskette after a DOS
boot of the 'factory' RH5.2 CD-ROM, allowing me to finally get RH5.2 on
the system from a hard drive install with paride functioning.

I also successfully installed COL1.3 (2.0.35) on the Contura without any
problems like the RH5.2 ones, but 2.0.35 has the paride bug that breaks
non-EPP ports!

All-in-all, nothing that a good fiddle couldn't fix, but sufficient
glitches were in play here to make it worth mentioning.

Cameron Parle

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