[PARPORT] External Boxes with parallel-ide interface. (paride)

Tue, 12 Jan 1999 18:18:38 +0100 (CET)

I'd like to substitute my broken external zip drive (broken after 1.5 yr)
with one of the above and install an HD in it (a 120 Mb conner or
eventualy a 1.2 Mb Fireball).

Has anyone experience with such devices? And the operation with HD.

Does anyone know which ones have a chip compatible with the linux paride
driver? Also where to buy them?

After some research myself, here my some findings (just to let you know
the situation):
For sure Kingbyte and H45 does, but I've no idea where to buy them in
MaPower series, I know where to buy (90-100$) them but I don't know the
        chip used. (The Salesman didn't let me open it :<, he also stated
        that the open version is CD only)
Models/brands I know (searching the web) but Don't know the chip and I
        don't knowwhere to find them: Amtrade CA525PI and CA35PI,
        Club/Domedia Gw35P, Recover Data.
Also I found two no-name but for one (very cheap 60$ ca) is only 17 Watts
and states only for CDs (I'd rule out this one). Another is quite powerful
but the salesman states that is only for CD players thought on the
box no such claim exists. The question is it possible that they are CD
only or is it they sell them as such?

Any information is usefull and thanx in advance , also sorry in advance
for verbosity, confusionary and the English of this mail.

                                                Simone Portuesi

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