[PARPORT] My CD Rom drive and Linux

Jerome Gransac (jgransac@indocdv.com)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 11:02:38 +0100

From: Jerome From: Jerome Gransac@CAI-CHEUVREUX on 01/20/99 11:02 AM

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Subject: My CD Rom drive and Linux

Hello all,
I did install Linux 1.2.8 from Slackware 3.0
I used to use a classic IDE CDROM that worked with this OS
Now, I changed my CDROM and ........ nothing is working from cdrom driver
It is a 36X ATAPI-EIDE Cd Rom drive made by ASUS .
I did a setup to make a new kernel but the OS can't find the CDROM, so I
did a setup from my hard drive but I tried all cd rom drive available: no
one of then are compliant.

How can I use this drive, does exists a recent driver for atapi - eide 36
X drive?
Please tell me where I can find one!

Other question:
Does exist a driver for Matrox Mystique 220 video card for Linux?

Thanks for all




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