[PARPORT] NEC 4x4 ATAPI CD changer and printer server

Dave Lund (davelund@hotmail.com)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:58:41 EST

Hi all!

First off, (I know this is the wrong area to be posting this message,
but I didn't know where else to go) I was wondering about compatibility
of the NEC 4x4 (quad speed 4 disc CD changer) and Linux. Where would I
be able to find more info on this subject?

As for the parallel port question... I was wanting to set up a Linux box
(a 486DX33) as a printer server to my network, which is mostly Win95
machines and a DOS machine running with LANtastic 7.0. Seeing as I am a
newbie with Linux, how would I set it all up?


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