Re: [PARPORT] NEC 4x4 ATAPI CD changer and printer server

Monty (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 14:30:24 EST

>First off, (I know this is the wrong area to be posting this message,
>but I didn't know where else to go) I was wondering about compatibility
>of the NEC 4x4 (quad speed 4 disc CD changer) and Linux. Where would I
>be able to find more info on this subject?

You're absolutely right. This is entirely the wrong place to be
asking; it might as well be a question about auto repair. The
comp.os.linux.hardware newsgroup is a place to start as are numbers of
FAQs on exactly this subject, easily findable on the Web. is a start.

Since we're suddenly getting questions about CDROM capability to this
list, where did you see this list mentioned such that you thought it
was a good place to ask? I sense that we need to ask some web page
author to be more careful about contact advice.

As for the NEC 4x4s, yes they are compatable as IDE or SCSI. Their
CDDA extraction capabilities are awful, however, so if you want to use
them for that consider getting a different drive (you got lucky on
this question).

>As for the parallel port question... I was wanting to set up a Linux box
>(a 486DX33) as a printer server to my network, which is mostly Win95
>machines and a DOS machine running with LANtastic 7.0. Seeing as I am a
>newbie with Linux, how would I set it all up?

Again, this misses the list entirely. But I do have this Ford Pinto
with a rear suspension problem...


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