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Subject: [PARPORT] I know this isn't the place, BUT

> As per the subject header, I know this list is dedicated more to the
> storage devices used on the parport, but after banging my head for no good
> reason, and no good results, I turn to this list with the following query -
> Does anyone know where I can find information about parallel port
> programming for printers and flatbed scanners? I get nice B/W from the
> printer, and I think I will have adsl before SANE ever supports my scanner...

adsl? Sorry, do not know that acronym.

There is some work going on in the backgroup for some parallel to SCSI
convertors. The HP parallel port scaners use such a device (sorry, can not
remember the type of interface). Once the parallel to SCSI part is done then it
is the SANE group's job to handle the actual scanner side of things.

I hope that sheds some light on the subject.

David Campbell
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