[PARPORT] Re: Amiga-Parport Driver for 2.2.0pre7

Jes Sorensen (Jes.Sorensen@cern.ch)
22 Jan 1999 15:13:14 +0100

>>>>> "Joerg" == Joerg Dorchain <dorchain@wirbel.com> writes:

Joerg> I had to do some small changes to the interrupt code in
Joerg> parport_share.c. It became more "non-PC friendly", but still
Joerg> doesn't cope with shared interrupt too well.

Yup, the sledge hammer interrupt disable approach needs to be dealt

Joerg> Jes, is it possible to include it in the next patch to give it
Joerg> more people for testing? It is marked as experimental and the
Joerg> old drivers for lp are still selected by default (although you
Joerg> might run into trouble if you use both the same time).

Looks quite nice, though I'd prefer to leave the LP_DEBUG and LP_STATS
changes out.


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