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J Scott Berg (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 09:34:04 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Sarantos Kapidakis wrote:

> Has anyone figure out how the conf.modules should be so that all
> needed modules (e.g. paride, epat and pcd) are loaded when they
> are needed ?
> I suppose that some aliaes must be defined in the conf.modules
> file (indicating the protocol module, at least), but which ones ?

I know of no way of doing it completely through conf.modules. What
you need to do is to

1) If your rc scripts run depmod, comment that out. The alternative
is to write a ed script which is run after depmod which does what
2) Run depmod manually after each kernel build. This is a bit tricky;
you should run it once after you've built the kernel but before you've
rebooted, using an explicit version number (this will get most
everything right); then you need to do it again after you've rebooted
with the new kernel (to catch a couple ones that didn't get taken care
of). Again, if you are clever you can probably automate this in your
startup scripts.
3) There's a file that's created by depmod called
/lib/modules/<version>/modules.dep. In there you'll find
makefile-style dependencies. You need to add a dependency for pcd.
You'll see that it already has a dependency for pcd, which is paride.
To that same line, add the full path to the epat module. Now,
'modprobe pcd' should work.
4) Now to get it recognized automatically. Make sure pcd is
unloaded. If you attempt to access the device, the module still won't
be loaded. But if you examine your log files (syslog/messages),
you'll see it complaining that it
'can't load module char-major-46' or some such nonesense (sorry,
I'm not at the machine where I've done this before, otherwise I'd tell
you exactly what it is). The important thing is the
'char-major-46' or whatever it is. Take that, and alias it in your
conf.modules to pcd:

alias char-major-46 pcd

Question: why doesn't this happen automagically like with other
drivers? Or does it, just not in the 2.0.x kernels?

Now when you try to access the device, it should automatically load
it. Be sure not to run depmod automatically any more! Otherwise step
3 will get clobbered.

Driver writers: it would be really groovy if pcd asked for a
"pcd_lowlevel" or something and we could alias that to whatever in the
conf.modules, so the module dependencies didn't have to be rewritten
all the time. I'm insufficiently driver-savvy to know if this is
possible or what it involves (or at least to be able to figure it out
in some reasonable amount of time).

                                -Scott Berg

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