[PARPORT] Philips CDD 3610 - paralell

Trond Kristiansen (trondk@c2i.net)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 21:32:11 +0100

I'am new to linux and I need some help.

Can somebody help me with a cookbook for installing Phillips CDD 3610 -

I have tried:
insmod paride + insmod epat + insmod pcd.
Then I can read from the drive like another CD-player.

Then I tried: insmod paride + insmod epat + insmod pg.
Then I am unable to mount pg!!!

My qui. is:

1. How do I install Philips CDD 3610 - paralell like an ordinary CD-R??

2. How do I mount the drive?

3. Where can I found some software for burning with Philips CDD 3610 - paralell
(can I???)

Best regards

Trond K.

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